As both a design firm and general contractor, LUSTROUS DESIGN LTD has the expertise and ability to manage your entire project, from starting concepts to fabrication, finishing and installation. Where necessary, we also work with outside architects, engineers and craftsmen whose work we know and trust, or partner with other contractors and professionals you choose.
The process starts with listening — to your ideas, your needs, your desires, your vision — so we can create a look tailored just for you.
We then create a design, taking into consideration color, texture, composition, functionality, and how it all works together. With specialized knowledge of resources and materials, we strive to fulfill the design in a way that is affordable, environmentally friendly, and of the highest possible quality, while remaining visually appealing to you, the end user.
The final result is a home, office, hardscape or even automobile that is an actual work of art — a beautiful space that functions for your lifestyle and reflects your personality.

OUR LOGO: A derivation of
the medicine wheel, which symbolizes in part the
journey of life, with the
‘flowering tree’ or the people
at it’s center. We are each given
a particular point, at birth, on the wheel which guides our life. But we must strive to gain knowledge and wisdom from all points to become a whole person.
The LEGEND outlines points on the wheel and their corresponding symbols as follows:
[white, buffalo]
[green, mouse]
[blue/black, elk, thunder]
[red/yellow, eagle, sun]

At LUSTROUS DESIGN LTD, we feel that this philosophy genuinely symbolizes our approach to design; beginning at the point of view of the individual, but with reverence for the world and people around us in the course of our journey.

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