On a property bordering a secluded lake, these homeowners wanted a space from which they could enjoy the natural views and ample wildlife that the lakeside provides. An ordinary deck or stone walkway would not suffice, as the terrain was often marshy and subject to periodic flooding.

Using green timbers or reclaimed wood, and following the curvature of the lakefront, Lustrous Design was tasked with devising a 'floating' structure that would stay above the moisture and would not interfere with the natural landscape and vegetation.

“The bridge at the start of the boardwalk needs to curve to the left, and also incorporate an arch to span and accentuate the [seasonal] vernal pool.”

Homeowner Request

We settled on a rough-sawn White Oak for the treads, sourced from a local sawmill. A custom form was created for the curved bridge, and hardwood ply bent around that for the rails.

Concrete pylons were drilled into the soil at intervals to provide support, and each tread tapered to follow the lake's edge.

Two things Lustrous Design loves: A good challenge, and a unique design. This project was a good example of both.

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